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Mello Aroma Profiles

The cheese aroma is from a UK pheno of Skunk #1. This pheno’s aroma is so strong it cuts through nearly any genetic aroma profile with which it is combined and crossed. This aroma is sister to the gas aroma profile. These were originally Indica dominant hybrids. (90/10)

The Dessert aroma profile is the most popular aroma on the market today. They were created by taking the gassiest genetics from the gas aroma profile, the best smelling of the fruit aroma genetics and the most visually purple from the purple aroma profile. This combination created an amazing unique flower that some call “candy strains’ due to their gassy/fruity, frosty look and smell. These are some of the most potent strains today but can be too strong for some and are normally the strains that cause higher anxiety. Dessert aroma profiles are best suited for experienced users or to be used moderately by new users with a lower tolerance. These were originally all Indica dominant hybrids (85/15)

The fruit aroma profile is a mix of Pine aroma genetics that were brought to tropical regions and crossed with native lower elevation genetics and sometimes crossed with gas aroma profile genetics. These were originally all Sativa Dominant hybrids. (30/70)

The gas aroma profile is composed of genetics from the Middle East and Asian regions such as Afghanistan the Hindu Kush region and West Indies, combined with South American genetics such as Columbian Gold and Acapulco Gold. These region combinations have created the aromas we know to be Gassy, Skunk, Diesel and even “dog poop – like” smelling strains. These genetics traditionally were higher elevation genetics that grew short and fat described as indica. These tend be on the higher side of the THC spectrum normally 18% and above and what most people consider night cap or heavy hitter strains due to the strength of high. These were originally all Indica dominant hybrids (90/10)

The Pine aroma profile is composed of genetics from the South Asia /West Indies (such as Jamaica) region combined with South American genetics. These regional combinations created the Pine like lemon aroma which tend to traditionally be from lower elevation regions and referred to as a Sativa. These tend to be more moderate on THC strength but have a rich plethora of cannabinoids, alkaloids and terpenes, etc that create a euphoric, “thought provoking” state of mind, that many consider good day time strains. These were originally Sativa dominant hybrids. (10/90)

The purple aroma is from a mix Gas genetics crossed with high elevation pine and fruit genetics. A majority of Purple genetics come specifically from Mendocino purps, such as, Grand Daddy Purple, Grape Ape, Purple Erkle, Cherry Pie and several others. These have created most of the well know purple genetics on the market today. In general high elevation causes the purple color in leaves and comes from pigments called anthocyanins. These pigments also give many red- and purple-colored fruits and flowers their color, as well as tree species that turn a reddish color in autumn. Coincidently this purple hue create a grape like smell and aroma. These were originally Indica dominant hybrids. (70/30)

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