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About Mello Dispensary

Cannabis Dispensary located in Haverhill, MA

Your Mello is our motivation

Mello Haverhill is your one stop shop for all things cannabis, from education to consumption. From the moment you step onto the grounds of Mello, you will feel welcomed and at home. Enjoy our expansive outdoor patio space overlooking the mello farms community garden and find your own moment of peace and serenity among the green. Whether you’re a novice or expert, we strive to be your resource for all things cannabis.

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Growing a Solution to Food Insecurity

Yes, we’re passionate about plants and helping people in our community, we also see cannabis as a mechanism for cultural good. We’re also focused on changing the stigma surrounding the plant and believe community building starts at home. Mello Farms is a space for us to help spread information about food insecurity and teach others about the ease of urban gardening as a solution for communities like Haverhill. Mello Farms will be tackling food insecurity in the community by growing and providing harvested fruits, vegetables and herbs to local organizations and community members in need of these vital resources.

Mello Farms

Stay tuned for mello farms coming soon!